Alula Security Systems

Offering a simplified solution to a complex issue. The Alula helps you get a smarter solution in home and business security.

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Alula Connect+

Did you always want a security system but did not want to cut open walls to run wires? The Connect+ is a modern, wireless security solution that will reduce installation time and is ready to scale your business from essential level installations such as renters to advanced level automation for  home and business owners.  

Smarter and More Capable

With leading-edge cellular and IP technologies, our all encompassing solutions can help make homes and businesses more secure by upgrading the millions of alarm systems currently installed in the Canada to be smarter and more capable by connecting them to the Internet and integrating the growing range of ‘smart’ and ‘connected’ devices.

The Alula puts you back in control.


Want to upgrade but dont want to change all the sensors in your home? The Connect+ wireless security system has a complete ecosystem of wireless sensors, peripherals, and accessories.  All of the Connect+ compatible sensors are high quality encrypted and wireless with industry-leading range, design and battery life.


  • Wireless

    With the Alula you can keep your costs down and your walls in tact. No need to cut into walls to run wires thus making installation faster and costs lower.

  • Smarter Home

    With the Alula you can control your whole home right from one app. That's right lights, thermostat, security system, garage door all tied in to the one app for easy control

  • Accessories

    Connect+ accessories enhance and augment the end-to-end panel, for limitless configurations that fit your lifestyle.

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